Cocoa Cones Art.

Colorado Cocoa Cones
What is a Cocoa Cone? A Cocoa cone is a special treat made from hot chocolate mix, some type of flavored chip and marshmallows and some type of sprinkles all in a cone shaped bag and tagged for the occasion. The product looks like an ice cream cone and contain 2 servings of the ingredients....Cocoa Cone for Two. Single serving cones are also available. The tags on the cones can be customized if needed.

Colorado Cocoa & Coffee Cones and Themed Cocoa Cones

What is so special about a Cocoa Cone? It is a unique gift idea that can be given individually or added to a gift basket. Cocoa Cones from Colorado Sweet Treats come in different flavors and colors to fit the occasion. Have you ever had orange, blue or pink cocoa? Colored cocoa cones are a sweet treat and a great surprise for the person receiving the gift because when the cocoa is mixed with hot water it changes color. These hot chocolate cones make a delicious treat.

What about a coffee cone or Lemonade Cone? Coffee cones, hot tea cones and lemonade cones for two are also available for a special occasion. Coffee cones for two contain two servings of a specialty coffee, flavored chips and coffee cookies. Lemonade cones contain lemonade mix, and lemon cookies for that special summer treat. Cones are made in single and double service sizes.

Products for Gift Basket Business

New Concepts ~ Colorado Sweet Treats offers cones to wholesalers for their gift basket supply. Cones can be ordered and customized for your company corporate events. Cocoa Cones for Two are also great fund raisers for schools and churches. Contact us for more information: 1-888-439-3652
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