Colorado Gift Baskets

Colorado Gift Baskets as gifts for your corporate clients or out of town guests can help to strengthen business relationships. Colorado Companies may want to send thank you gifts to their most valued customers. Similarly, individuals may want to send something special to vendors with whom they frequently work, or maybe you want to say "Thank you" to a speaker our guest who has arrived in Denver or Arvada, Colorado.

Colorado Themed Gift Baskets containing Colorado Products from Colorado Sweet Treats

Rather than spending a long time sorting through typical office gift catalogs and purchasing the same gifts that others are likely to give, consider buying your Colorado gift baskets from Colorado Sweet Treats. We carry made in Colorado Products that can be enjoyed by the recipient and they will get to try items made in our state. If you're giving gifts to another office or team, there are going to be people who relish their morning java and coffee breaks! Coffee made in Colorado as well as a line of Colorado specialty cookies, candies, chips, salsa, popcorn and other gourmet treats make excellent additions to that baskets that showcase Colorado

Unique Themed Gift Baskets

Maybe your a real estate agent and you want to give a themed gift to fit your business. Maybe a welcome home baskets with specialty foods and treats would be a great choice. You might be a physician's office or clinic looking for a great gift for a co-worker who is retiring. A Doctor or Nurse themed gift basket might be appropriate. We can make a themed gift basket to fit your needs.

Cocoa cones make a great inexpensive thank you for a job well done. Each cone contains two servings of a specialty cocoa mix or coffee or tea, along with chips and sprinkles and marshmallows on top. The cones can be customized to fit your business need or occasion. We even make Cocoa, Coffee or Lemonade cones with a Colorado Theme. Order  your Colorado Cocoa & Coffee Cones today!

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